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Welcome to Nikola Tesla Graphic Novel

A 80 page graphic novel for teens and adults exploring the wondrous life of Nikola Tesla: Inventor, visionary, and unsung scientific genius. This project was launched on Kickstarter March 1st, 2013 and raised over $50,000 in pledges.


In this book, we will explore Tesla’s childhood in Croatia, which served as foundation for the man he would become. We will depict his early years in America, his rivalry with Edison, his great triumphs harnessing the power of Niagara and lighting the Chicago World’s Fair, and his work in Colorado Springs exploring the raw power of electricity. Finally, we will show how his greatest dream, the "World Telegraphy" tower at Wardencliffe, New York—a tower that he envisioned would generate awesome amounts of electricity that could be transmitted anywhere in the globe—became his undoing when he was undermined by rivals and the interests of the powerful.


His story is inspiring in that it suggests that the greatest scientific discoveries require bold visions, unfettered imagination, and an uncommon mind, but it also serves as a warning that vested capital can be the enemy of the visionary—that great advances rarely come from within the system.